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Saturday, 29 April 2017

My Type 1 Diabetes - Exposure To Chicken Pox

A friend asked me to look after their little boy Oliver last week as he had contracted Chicken Pox from Pre-School.  The school obviously wouldn't take him and neither would his child minder I can't think why, its not like it was obvious

Well perhaps it was.  LOL The dilemma for me was I had never had Chicken Pox or should I say that every child that came into contact with me got it as a child, but I never had any of the symptoms or spots.  My mums friends and the doctor said I was a 'Carrier' and they all talked about 'Typhoid Mary' having seen an old black and white movie about her.

The thing is, did I have the power of my convictions and would I shirk at testing the theory.  No! Well I was pretty certain I was immune, so me and Mr Spotty had a great week playing.  Amazingly Oliver wasn't driven mad by itching, and despite having a slightly raised temperature he charge about and wore me out.

His mum had gone online to check if there were such things as carriers, and promptly told me it was rubbish and that I must have had it.

My bloody sugars have been normal, and I haven't developed a temperature, so here is hoping I don't sprout in the next few weeks.  Needless to say when Oliver came round with his brother Pascal today he was a lot less spotty.


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