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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Diabetes - Can A Diabetic Have A Sex Life? Part 4 Viagra, Cialis & Levitra

So what 'Daddies Little Helpers':

  • Viagra
  • Cialis ( tadalafil )
  • Levitra
  • etc
Unless you have taken an appropriate amount of carbohydrate and continue to do so during the exercise session none of these pills will help. They will only increase the blood pressure to nether regions, if you are not hypo, and are engaging actively. 

So before reaching for the pill draw its important to get the planning and the provisions correct.

Learning Points:

  • These pills need carbohydrates to work
  • These pills take time to work 
  • During the 30 mins to 1 hour lead time your blood sugar needs to be higher
  • If you frequently have hypos these pills are unlikely to help
  • If you frequently have hypos these pills my make it worse
  • Plan -- Don't Fail


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