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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Rubik's Cube Gives Me Warning Of Low Blood Sugar Hypos

I stumbled upon a method for testing my blood sugar levels for low blood sugars as I'm a diabetic. It came about when I decide to learn to do the Rubiks cube so I could teach young Oliver and get him off his tablet. If you want to try it, Watch my video on how to solve the Rubiks Cube and bye a cube using the link in the description if you need one. Now over three or four days learn how to solve the Rubiks cube. When you can solve it without watching the video your ready. After eating a meal (one meal a day is enough) mess up the Rubiks cube and the solve it, it shouldn't take you that long. After solving it, mess it up again and leave where you can easily get to it. Now if you feel your blood sugar may be going low, grab the Rubik's cube and try and solve it. If your like me you'll rapidly discover that when you sugars are lower you lose track of where you are doing the complicated algorithms and as you get nearer to the end the cube will be in a mess. Now do a blood test to see where you sugar is, low? I found that this can be quite a useful indicator, especially if you (unlike me) no longer get much warning of low sugars. Please don't use this as your only test and I take no responsibility for the outcomes, its just something I discovered trying to do the cube. It would be great if some of my diabetic friends and colleagues would give this a try and let me know how they get on. The other thing is doing the Rubik's cube is great for warming up the hands and loosening the joints it you also have Arthritis

Malcolm aka #fixed1t

If you diabetic please try this and let me know your results, there are people around the world who cannot afford expensive blood testing equipment so anything that may help could be useful.

Video on solving the Rubik's Cube

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