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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

How To Save A Detaching Freestyle Libre Diabetes Glucose Sensor

This video is about How To Save A Detaching Freestyle Libre Diabetes Glucose Sensor fixed1tSELFHELPtips As You Attach A FreeStyle Libre Blood Glucose Sensor, A Wire Is Pushed Into The Skin And Held In Place By The Device And A Sticky Donut Of Very Strong Adhesive Tape. Sadly, On The Second Or Was It The Third Day After Installation, I Noticed During A Shower That One Mine Started To Come Loose, And Due To The Difficulties In Getting Them During Covid19 Lockdown And The Cost I Decided To Try And Save It. This Is How And This Is How I fixed1t And Kept The Sensor Working For Its Full 14 Day Cycle Please Like, Thumbs-Up And Subscribe If You Find This Useful, And Check Out My Other Tried And Tested Money Saving Tips. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T 

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