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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

#Diabetes - My Dog Bree And My Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Picture From Harvard Medical School Literature
I have had Type 1 Diabetes for Over 35 years and currently take 6 injections of various insulins per day. despite what some people and physicians may feel is a high level of insulin use, I currently have none of the life limiting complications associated with long term diabetes.  I used to think it was luck! but as a disability support assessor and assessment centre manager for 10 years I came to realise that it was not luck, I don't need a medical degree to realise that my insurance to good health has been a solid understanding of my body, its needs and my Diabetes.  I have attended many different Diabetic Clinics in local Doctors Surgeries and hospitals, but I have never been hospitalised due to my diabetes.

Please Note:

I Have Never Suffered From Diabetes

Like Any Killer, I Give It Respect And We Co-exist

The views expressed here are my own and an aid memoire to myself in how I manage my own Type 1 Diabetes,  I do not prescribe anybody do what I do and recommend they make up their own minds and control their own Diabetes.

My Dog Bree And My Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

I have two rescue dogs, the breed are called "Lurchers" and mine are a cross between 'Greyhound' and 'Saluki'.

Our first rescue dog was Bree, a trully beautiful grey with sphinx like eyes who like to cross her front legs.  

Shortly after we got Bree she gave me one hell of a scare with a very odd behaviour:

I actually considered training her some time ago and bought some urine testing sticks to detect the level of sugar in my urine, but after complaints about the efficacy of this and the video I decided not to do it. However, despite my efforts to deter her if ever I forget to close the toilet door she is there in a flash. So I think I will try and train her over the next few months.

If I can train her to distinguish between the sugar levels by using a set of different objects this could be extreme useful. Not only to me but to countless others, as diabetes test sticks and blood testing kits are expensive. 

Please check out my other Diabetes Mentor blog posts, please be aware so contain references to adult content relating to sex and diabetes.


aka #fixed1tDIABETESmentor

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