Friday, 28 August 2015

Can I Train My Dog To Indicate My Diabetic Sugar Levels By Tasting My Pee?

My new dog likes to sneak up on me in the bathroom for a sniff of my diabetic urine, but could I turn this into a medical test with appropriate training?

Over the next few weeks and months I will collect samples and begin training her, I will do update videos of the progress.


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Mental Health Clustering Tool - Diabetes and Mental Health

The UK NHS moved to internal payment by results in 2011, and if your a diabetic with mental health difficulties, the way you are dealt with and which team you are assigned will be dependent on your diagnosis and more importantly which cluster group you fall into.

It can be useful to know, and work out, which cluster group you fit into and this is usually done as part of your Personal Care Plan but is difficult to follow.

You can obtain a pdf of the governments tool by clicking on the link below:

Mental Health Clustering Tool (MHCT) version 3.0 (2013)

or there is an Apple iPad and iPhone App available at the link below"

MHCT - Mental Health Clustering Tool - Carlos Gonzalez

If your a student nurse or a nurse doing regular clustering you may also find this helpful.


Monday, 30 December 2013

My Diabetes - Norovirus Day 2 08:37 30th December 2013

blood sugar 13.2 nausea subsiding and decided to starve for another day as my body is now breaking down fat and therefore could go hyper causing an escalating increase in sugar and dangerous ketosis ( breaking down fat) I therefore took 8 units of Levemir and 4 units of Humalog drank half a glass of fluid and went back to sleep setting alarm for 11:30. Planning going well and well controlled. alarm set for 3 pm and sleep

My Diabetes - Norovirus 30th December 2013 05:36

blood test 15 mmol, decided I need to increase the Humalog to 6 units to bring it down to 12 -13 could hold back on the nausea and was sick luckily the fluid I'd taken has dissolved the pills so job done, I then drank some more fluid as the thing to avoid besides hypo is dehydration. I then checked the alarm was 08:15 before going to sleep.

My Diabetes - 30th December 2013 02:30

Blood Test 12.3 feeling aweful lots of hot  flushes trying not to be sick for a few more hours took 4 units of Humalog and set the alarm for 05:30 took 2 more paracetamol, really pleased I'm maintaining the 12 -13, most important thing is to avoid a severe hypo and a stay in hospital.

My Diabetes - Norovirus 29th December 23:40

Knowing that i needed to take my usual collection of Pills and could risk being sick I gave into the nausea and vomited soon after waking, I the  tested my blood after washing my hands and before sterilising  them with alcohol.  My blood sugar was 12.3 and I took all my pills with a little milk along with stugeron hoping it would prevent me throwing up for the next 4 hours or so.

I then took another 4 units of Humalog and 8 units of  Levimir, then I set the alarm clock for 02:30 and went to sleep.

My Diabetes - Norovirus 29th December 2013 21:00

Just after 21:00 I tested my blood sugar after vomiting again, thankfully it had now come up to 13 mili mols which from the past i know is a good level to allow me to control it in 3 hour blocks with just short acting insulin with a risk of serious hypo ( for me),  after testing my blood I took 4 units of Humalog and no carbohydrates.  I then took two paracetamol for the pounding headaches and half a glass of squash and set the alarm.  For 23:30.