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Sunday, 19 March 2017

#Diabetes Managing My Type 1 Diabetes - Things I Do

#Diabetes Managing My Type 1 Diabetes - Things I Do

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I have had Type 1 Diabetes for Over 35 years and currently take 6 injections of various insulins per day. despite what some people and physicians may feel is a high level of insulin use, I currently have none of the life limiting complications associated with long term diabetes.  I used to think it was luck! but as a disability support assessor and assessment centre manager for 10 years I came to realise that it was not luck, but a solid understanding of my body, its needs and my Diabetes.

Please Note:

I Have Never Suffered From Diabetes

Like Any Killer, I Give It Respect And We Co-exist

The views expressed here are my own and an aid memoire to myself in how I manage my own Type 1 Diabetes,  I do not prescribe anybody do what I do and recommend they make up their own minds and control their own Diabetes.

I have decided to add my Diabetes Mentor blog to my fixed1t blogs account as I have neglected it for a number of years. The main reason for the neglect was that it had a different logon and google+ account which meant logging out of fixed1t on Google then logging back in again as vis-versa. Sadly for me this was like keeping a guitar in its case rather than having it on a guitar stand by your favourite chair, the effect is that after a small number of times you do nothing with it.

fixed1t tip: If you have a guitar in a guitar case you are most likely not using it (too much set up hassle) so get a cheap guitar stand and set it up where its accessible when your waiting for the kettle to boil etc and you will start using it again and love it.

I have also moved all of the my diabetes related and medical self help posts from my various fixed1t blogs into my Diabetes Mentor blog.  Why? well all of them relate to me and are therefore relating to my 36 years of living with Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

I also plan to be more active on this Diabetes Mentor blog, in an effort to 'give back' for the 36 years of relatively good health I have had despite my diabetes and not following all medical instructions after working out myself what was best for my body and my life.

I Have Never Suffered From Diabetes

I have always worked with it and around it to manage the obstacles the condition could have applied to my lifestyle,  in this way my Diabetes it has:

Not Prevented Me From Doing Anything I Wanted To Do

Please be aware there is some adult content in this blog.

I hope you find it useful, feel free to ask questions about diabetes and I will try and give you an honest answer as to how I deal with such situations.

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