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Saturday, 29 November 2014

#Diabetes and #Mental #Health - Mental Health Clustering Tool

#Diabetes and #Mental #Health - Mental Health Clustering Tool

The UK NHS moved to internal payment by results in 2011, and if your a diabetic with mental health difficulties, the way you are dealt with and which team you are assigned will be dependent on your diagnosis and more importantly which cluster group you fall into.

It can be useful to know, and work out, which cluster group you fit into and this is usually done as part of your Personal Care Plan but is difficult to follow.

You can obtain a pdf of the governments tool by clicking on the link below:

Mental Health Clustering Tool (MHCT) version 3.0 (2013)

or there is an Apple iPad and iPhone App available at the link below"

MHCT - Mental Health Clustering Tool - Carlos Gonzalez

If your a student nurse or a nurse doing regular clustering you may also find this helpful.


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