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Monday, 11 November 2013

My Diabetes - Angry Diabetic When Eating Out

For me, over the years,  the thing that has been guaranteed to make me edgy and angry is eating out.

I have lost count of the times when we have gone to eat out with friends. colleagues or strangers and it doesn't go to plan. The reasons are really simple for non-diabetics:
  • they don't need to worry about when they eat
  • they don't need to worry about what they eat
  • they don't need to worry about how much they eat
  • they don't need to worry if they arrive late
  • they usually want to go to the bar for a chat and drink
  • they usually want to wait until everybody has arrived before ordering
  • they don't need to worry how long they take to ponder the wine list
  • they don't worry too much over how long it takes for the food to arrive
It usually goes something like this:

  • we make sure those organising the meal out  know I am a diabetic, and we agree a time when we will be sat down and eating, for example 8pm
  • we agree that everybody will meet in the bar by 7:30pm
  • we agree we will order at the bar and be seated with starters by 8pm

Alas, the reality is often:

  • virtually nobody has arrived by 7:30pm 
  • by 8pm people are just arriving and are chatting at the bar
  • by 8:30pm we are still missing people
  • eventually everybody has arrived by 9pm and we go to sit down
As I diabetic I've been in a dilemma for 1 hour, should I eat an extra biscuit whilst waiting for the others or will they be here as they promised.  If I eat and extra biscuit I will have to leave some of the expensive food on my plate or risk having a high blood sugar.

So at 9pm we are seated at the table, then the fun begins:

  • Everybody wants to discuss the menu, should I have x, y or z
  • Then the huge wine debate breaks out
  • before we know it, its 9:30 as we place the orders
The issue we now have is the restaurant which was relatively empty at 8pm with quick kitchen response times is now running flat out with delays.  It's 10pm before the food arrives and I've been getting increasingly annoyed with the situation for the past 2 hours.

Unfortunately those that don't know me most likely think I'm a grumpy person without knowing that if we had one stuck to the plan of 7:30 meet 8pm eat we have all been happy.

Of course due to the extra carbohydrates I've eaten due to the delays and my blood sugar rising naturally as my lunchtime insulin has long since disappeared. When the food arrives I have no idea how much carbohydrate, garlic and other blood sugar changing herbs are in the food.  One thing I can be certain of is my blood will be high by the time I get home. 

Learning Points:
  • non-diabetics can eat when they want and there is nothing I can do to change it
  • with the best will in the world people get delayed
  • some people are naturally always late
  • I can never tell how long the restaurant will take to serve me
  • I have no idea what the carbohydrate level of the food is
This is a lot of unknowns.  Also, I have had a 32 year joke with Debbie, wherever we sit in a restaurant for some reason I am always the last to be served. LOL  Therefore, if I am invited out to an important meal I have to think very carefully in advance how you are going to deal with the delays.

Luckily as an insulin diabetic, if I test my blood and it is high, I can give myself some extra short acting insulin to bring it back down in a few hours. Then begin my normal routine.


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