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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Diabetes - How I Deal With Eating Out

Having explained the difficulties I have experienced with eating out the question is what I have done to try and avoid the pitfalls.  The thing to remember is that its only the carbohydrates that are the issue and have to be taken in balance with my insulin.

If its a night out my partner wants to do with her golf friends that she knows will have no real meal time, then I gracefully decline.  It's nice for the non-diabetics to have a normal mealtime without having to worry about me eating on time.

If I want or need to attend then:

  • I eat my carbohydrate allowance as a meal before going out. This is usually something very really simple, fish fingers and oven chips. 
  • I then attend the meal and eat everything that doesn't contain carbohydrates in the main course.
  • Quite often I get to eat some of the pudding, as it often arrives several hours late and about the right time for my mid evening snack.
As always I carry 3 or 4 biscuit bars (12 - 15 carbs) in my pockets and a bottle of lucozade in the car.  I always carry more carbs than I need for the event so that in the event of a breakdown etc I know I have enough to take me through to the next lunchtime. 

There have been many times when I have been told categorically that the meal will be on time, and that we will be sat down to eat by 7pm only for the fickle finger of fate to step in and mess things up.  So although I often end up paying for a meal I don't get to eat all of, its worth it for my health and my peace of mind.

Learning Points

  • Unless I'm cooking the food it may be late
  • My urgency has the potential to be an emergency if not planned for
  • I don't expect other non-diabetics to understand and even if the do they may not be in control
  • I always carry plenty of food and never leave the house without it
  • As soon as I get home I test my blood and if its high I taken an extra few units of short acting insulin to bring it back down gracefully

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