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Monday, 27 March 2017

#Diabetes URGENT Diabetic Hypo Warning Lucozade Original

#Diabetes URGENT Diabetic Hypo Warning Lucozade Original

fixed1t Diabetes Mentor

I have used High Glucose Sugar Original Lucozade regularly for over 35 years to treat the early onset of Diabetic Hypo or to drink before I do any exercise of manual work.  Last week I went to purchase some more ORIGINAL LUCOZADE and discovered a new variety call Original Lucozade... but it wasn't what I new or expected had I purchased this whilst feeling hypo I'd have been in serious trouble.  I am therefore making this video as a warning.

If you are a Diabetic Type 1 or Type 2 Or You Know A Diabetic Or A Parent Or Carer Of One They Need To See This Urgently

LUCOZADE ORIGINAL Is Used To Treat Diabetic Hypos Due To Its High Glucose Sugar   If You Don't Give A Confused Hypo Diabetic

Sugar They Will COMA And May Die!

You don't need to be a Diabetes Consultant, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, have a medical degree or be a Diabetes Mentor to know that carrying Lucozade High Sugar provides a level of insurance and comfort to diabetes patients.


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