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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Submitting diabetesmentor blogger blog to Bing for the search engine to find it


I've just finished a video on how I submitted this blog to Bing so it would appear in the Bing web searches, hopefully it will make it easier to do things.  

picture of the binf webmaster page showing diabetesmentor blog

So if your involved with a good cause and want to ask any questions on setting up your own blog or that of a good cause pages, including ad-sense advertising please feel free to ask. The video is on my fixed1t youtube site.

Malcolm Dixon's fixed1t Bing submission video

Still no comments on any of my blog entries :-(

Regards Malcolm (aka fixed1t)

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Its only worth while me spending time on blogs If I know they are being read and it is not easy to know. So If you have taken time to read a blog entry then please leave a comment or question. Thanks Malcolm

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