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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Diabetes - Can A Diabetic Have A Sex Life? Part 3

Ignoring all of the emotional content for the time being, its important that a diabetic views sex as exercise, and like any exercise provisions of the extra carbohydrates is crucial.  So ignoring the biology, one has to seriously decide is this a:

  • short sprint with no warm-up (hopefully by mutual consent :-)
  • ten minutes warm-up then a short walk
  • ten minutes warm-up then a long walk
  • twenty minute warm-up and a short walk
  • twenty minute warm-up and a long walk
  • thirty minute warm-up and short walk
  • thirty minute warm-up and long walk
  • .....
And then there are the marathons for the younger members who don't have work to go to or kids to take everywhere and do all nighters at the festivals. LOL
Using the sports example each of the scenarios will require different preparation and unless planned well in advance and catered for the outcomes could be good or not so good.
  • Try and test your blood fifteen - twenty mins before
  • If low I drink a quantity of lucozade beforehand, if high I drink a mouthful.  I'm afraid slow release dry wheat biscuits will not suffice
  • I always try to ensure I have a bottle close at hand to top up
  • I always had some longer lasting 'biscuit' or cake to eat afterwards to ensure there is no post exercise hypo
  • If I start to run out of steam I top up 

My best advise if this is all new to you (don't worry nobody ever told me about sex and diabetes) is to keep a little diary:

Time and Date?
blood sugar before?
carbs taken?
warm up time?
walk or run time?
Did you feel hypo?
What were the symptoms?
blood sugar after?

It isn't necessary to do this for a long time, but a pattern will emerge quite quickly.

In fact I'll create a tiny database to go on the iPad/iPhone for people to try out, and I'll make it password protected.


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