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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Diabetes - Can A Diabetic Have A Sex Life? Part 5

Almost everybody at some stage in their life, has a light to moderate hypo from too much exercise, skipping meals or too much to drink.

  • pale skin around the eyes
  • cold sweats
  • tingling of the lips and tongue
  • shaky hands
  • unsteady on your feet
  • difficulty in concentrating
Learning Point:
  • Test your blood sugar before
  • Eat sufficient fast acting carbohydrates to ensure you don't go hypo
  • If in doubt have a bit extra and adjust for it afterwards
A difficulty for diabetics is that excursion hypo is pretty similar to a insulin hypo and there is nothing that will stop you and your partner quicker than either of you worrying that the sweat and clammy skin are down to an impending hypo. 


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